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let's get this thing going...

Hello, this is the community I (ancalime8301) have created to better handle the AIM chats that I've been supposed to be arranging. :p

If you received an invitation to join this group (and I just sent out invites to everyone who's on my 'chat' filter, so there's quite a number of you with invites), it's because you have either participated in the past or have expressed interest in participating. If you're no longer interested, that's just fine, so don't feel bad if you want to decline the invitation. ;)

If you didn't receive an invitation and want to join, go ahead. All requests for membership are sent to me at this point, but it's highly unlikely I'll reject anyone. I just set it that way to have a bit more control over how everything works until this gets going. :)

ALL MEMBERS have access to post on this community, so that you all can feel free to suggest chat dates and times or whatever. Once there's more members in this group than just me, I'm going to get a list going of people's AIM screen names so we know who everyone else is and so that I'm not the only one with the 'master list' of people. If possible, the list will be a post to this community, but friends-locked or something so that the random 'net surfer can't get access to people's names. :)

I'm sure there's more I have to say, but I can't think of it right now...
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Hey there! Just wanted to let ya know that I've got a new AIM screen name and would love to join the chats. I'm R3DOleander on AIM now instead of R3DAutumn. :)

Excellent! :) I've added your s/n to my list... I think I might've sent an invite for the comm to your old LJ name, but I'm assuming you want in under this one, right? :p I shall send an invite to this name (and then go here to respond). :)
I'm interested in being in chats! Can I join?
Of course! :) Just go here and accept the invitation I'm going to give you. :)