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Fan(atic)s of LotR interact...

LJ Lord of the Rings Chat
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This community was created to serve as a home base of sorts for the LotR AOL instant messenger (AIM) chats started by ancalime8301. The chats are a way for LotR fans that are also LJ users to interact in 'real time' and learn more about one another by discussing our common interest: Lord of the Rings.

Because the range of other interests of the chatters do vary, there must be a few rules (well, more like guidelines) for interaction both on AIM and in this community:
1. Respect that others have different opinions than you do.
2. Do not attack other people's opinions, no matter what. Doing so is grounds for banishment from both the community and the chats.
3. We are here to talk about Lord of the Rings; please don't bring in issues that are unrelated.

Once I (ancalime8301) get this whole community thing figured out a little better, I'll put up the guidelines for joining and posting and such. :)